Cork Burger Festival: Yellow Sub

As I mentioned in my last post, the Cork Burger Festival is in full swing. Wednesday was the kickoff for the Cork blogger community covering this festival (we call ourselves Cloggers, as I discovered), kindly hosted by Yellow Sub!

I’m going to be using this event to explore new venues in this city, get to know the community, and get some extra protein in preparation for my fencing tournament next weekend. If there’s one thing I noticed about this place’s restaurant scene, it’s that Corkonians love their burgers.

Disclaimer: I am a pescetarian so I’m going to just be getting the veggie and fish burgers, but I am also not strict and a college student and don’t turn down free food, as was offered us at Yellow Sub.

Yellow Sub is one of the several pod-like restaurants you can find on the bigger streets around here, and their dishes are proportionately fast and fun-sized. So of course we’re getting a trio of sliders. But you have a big appetite, you say? Despite their diminuitiveness, the little sliders can fill you right up. On a side note, why are they called sliders? I always thought sliders=bell peppers, because peppers get slippery in a not-at-all gross way when you fry them.

Anyway, click the links for the deets on the beef.


We started off with the fried chicken and sticky beef, which I suppose aren’t really sliders but were served in a similar style and were mighty tasty.


And then, the Aussie burger! This was a beef and bone marrow patty with quail egg, bacon, cheese, beetroot, and lettuce. I liked it because it reminds me of myself: small, tender, and packing a whole lot of power.

We rounded off the meal with a s’mores brownie (a fudgy cocoa brownie topped with toasted marshmallows), and an appetite for trying new things around this city. Next up would be right down the street: Electric Fish Bar.



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