Day 2.23

Feeling: full tummy, stuck inside a plastron, sluggish before class
Tasting: haddock burger with slaw
Smelling: gross sweaty fencing gear, mediocre americano
Seeing: the swollen River Lee
Hearing: the fencing Coach Trevor

I had oatmeal for breakfast and the leftovers for lunch because you know what? There’s absolutely no reason I can’t have oatmeal for lunch. Saves me time cooking and hella euros. After a trip to the gym and the practice room, I was ready to crush my two classes– or at least that’s what I thought. So I used the money I saved on lunch to buy coffee from a place near my Food Law class; I always pass it but have never tried it. I don’t think I’ll be rushing to go back there.

After food law and then history, Erin and I met up to go get fish burgers. You can read about it riiiight here!

And then fencing. I did not have enough time to digest that delicious burger before fencing. It was an odd practice because I was slightly late (for the first time) and it was my first time meeting the coach. Also, I did épée drills instead of foil and my partner spoke mostly French.


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