Day 2.24

Feeling: sore all over my body
Tasting: Old Bay with curry (it’s good, trust me)
Seeing: the rainy sky
Hearing: the awesome music they play inside Doppio
Smelling: ginger tea

I didn’t want to get out of bed Friday morning, but it’s probably a good thing that I had agreed to meet Mary to get my heritage card (free entry to many OPW sites) and then Margarida for coffee so I had a reason to get up. Mary and I discussed the Rock of Cashel trip (that I missed, R.I.P.) and an upcoming small outing with her newlywed daughter Mags to a toy soldier factory that I might go on.

While in the coffeeshop, Margarida and I discussed our winter breaks. I mentioned to her that I was Jewish and therefore didn’t celebrate Christmas, and someone else overheard me. Long story short, I now know another Jewish undergrad on the UCC campus!

The rest of my day was spent in a sort of time-soup. I was exhausted from my intense three-day class schedule and I initially just cleaned up my room while watching my teammate’s stream of Resident Evil, then started actually playing games myself (Undertale) and talking with Brian.

I didn’t do any burgers tonight because sometimes a guy has to give his belly and budget a break, ya know? But Saturday and Sunday will hopefully be filled with burgers and buds, and my mom reminded me recently that I haven’t done a snack review recently. But don’t worry, things are in the works! Just as soon as I actually eat them.


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