Sweet Review #17: Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ‘wich and Chocolate Fudge Brownie ‘wich

This review comes very delayed, as the Brownie Batter flavor (not pictured) was tested months before the Cookie Dough one. But, after relentless demand from my entire readership (my mom asking me when I would post another snack review), I decided to undertake the task of eating another ice cream sandwich.

Have you ever tried to make your own ice cream sandwiches? It’s harder than you think it will be. You’ve got to get the right size, shape, and consistency of cookie. You need both the cookies and ice cream to be at the right temperatures. And if you’re making a big batch, for a party or something? Good luck getting them to not turn into a melted-and-refrozen mess of an icebox cake.

Actually, an icebox cake sounds good. Maybe there’s a silver lining to that failure.

But the point is, ice cream sandwiches taught me how to live in the moment. Do I have fresh warm cookies out of the oven and ice cream in the freezer? Now is the moment to make an ice cream sandwich. Don’t try to eat it slowly, either. Or neatly.


This snack review is an example of the opposite situation.

In both cases, I bought these Ben & Jerry’s ‘wiches far before I ate them. Before I left for winter break, I spied them in Centra and stuffed one of each into my pockets just in case they were discontinued come 2017. The fear was unfounded, but you can never be too certain. Still, they were taking up room in my ever-more-packed freezer. By the time I ate them, I was concerned they’d be a little freezerburned. Fortunately not too much, but encrusted in ice crystals. That happens because science that I don’t feel like explaining on here because this post is already getting too long.


The idea of pairing ice cream flavored like unbaked pastries with a baked pastries feels slightly cannibalistic. Maybe that’s not the word I’m looking for, but there’s definitely an element of perversion here that appeals so much to the average ice cream-eater.

As I’ve previously stated in my other posts mentioning ice cream, cookie dough has never been  my favorite. But I really appreciate how well Ben & Jerry’s does the buttery notes with hints of brown sugar. The cookies are appropriately chewy, even if the ice crystals on top made them a little waterlogged upon biting.

Because I’m a chocolate addict before anything else, I preferred the Brownie flavor. Again with this perversion: you have brownie-flavored ice cream, and a “brownie cookie,” but no actual brownie. Ben and Jerry, you sick, twisted, rascals.

Anyway, everyone knows that the only thing comparable to an ice cream sandwich is a cookie dipped in milk and/or coffee. I’d already reached my hot chocolate quota for the hour and sugar quota for the month of February and was running low on cacao powder, so I whipped up a small portion of drinking cacao with almond milk and instant coffee.


Yeah lads, that’s the way to go. The temperature contrast of the hot chocolate and cold vanilla ice cream? The cookies soaking up the coffee? Do this with your next ice cream sandwich and you’ll never go back to eating, drinking, and digesting like a normally-functioning person ever again.

I need to go brush my teeth.


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