Day 2.27

Feeling: abdominal discomfort but not too much, my heater
Hearing: voices making appointments over the phone
Smelling: hot chocolate (made with cocoa instead of raw cacao this time)
Tasting: Greek yogurt
Seeing: lots of rain fall outside, my character sketches

I woke up a little too early, but managed to get back to sleep and wake up still-early but not too much. So that put me in a good mood to start off. I had my two leftover pancakes, which were still tasty the next day. I finished the rest of My Àntonia (about 80 pages) and did some gentle yoga so that my body wouldn’t go completely stiff today. Among my couch- and desk-dwelling, I worked on sketches for my graphic journal project.

At fencing I finally went off the fence (oh wow pun not intended) and decided that I would like to fence épée in Intervarsities. So, I made the jump and decided to compete in épée this weekend at Easts. I was worried until I did some one-on-one coaching, and I’m feeling a lot more ready now.


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