Day 2.28

Seeing: a pan full of pasta and veggies, my final grades for the first semester
Smelling: my strong coffee in the morning
Hearing: three different professors ramble on, Brian cutting his toasted sandwich
Feeling: overstimulated (from light and noise and itchy clothing)
Tasting: really good chocolate (a Marcolini framboise truffle and some Venezuelan chocolate)

My French press, bless its heart, took me through the first half of the day easily but I was feeling done by 4pm, which is when my history lecture is. Actually, it was pretty frustrating to practice music today so I was feeling pretty finished then. I hadn’t practiced these past couple of days, so that’s always fun.

In the evening we had a mandatory meeting to prepare us for exams. It wasn’t anything I or Erin didn’t already know, but I had the chance to say hi to two people that I didn’t know very well.

Then I ate pasta and Skyped with Brian and that helped melt some of the stress away. So did dark chocolate. I meant to go to sleep before 11 but I discovered this and that made it a fair bit harder. Worth it, though.


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