Day 2.29

Hearing: the chaos of jazz ensemble
Smelling: the smokey outside waft in through my window, my new body wash
Tasting: a very salty and satisfying veggie sandwich of grilled courgettes, sundried tomatoes, hummus, lettuce, and vegan cheese
Feeling: a little of that foreboding numbness in my right knee
Seeing: frost around the loch this morning

Ah, my sensory synopsis feels so much more coherent when I write posts at the end of the day instead of the following morning. I woke up too early given that I’d gone to bed past midnight, but again, managed to get a couple more hours before actually starting my day. My back was not feeling better, so I decided to go for a run instead of yoga or anything else. It was cut short too, because I want to preserve all of my joints for my upcoming tournament. Also because I was meeting a new friend for lunch later!

I met Aaron at Doppio a little while back, when he overheard me saying that I was Jewish; he is too, and we exchanged emails. I missed my Med food and thought a fellow Member could empathize, so we met up for lunch at a Mediterranean-inspired café near-ish to campus. My sandwich was very good, but I ordered it on a “multiseed pitta” and the bread that it came on could not excusably be called a “pitta” by any standards.

I considered not going to food science, but the internet was being slow so I took it as a message to go to lecture. It was worth it too; I needed the review on freezing. On my way to the music building I made my usual stop in Depeche and got a green tea because I needed enough caffeine to prevent me from having a tired tantrum in jazz but not too much to wire me out given that I’d already had some strong black tea a few hours ago. Maybe it’s weird to say, but I’m relieved that my caffeine tolerance hasn’t gotten so high that I can’t get a good few hours off black and green teas.

Jazz was chaos, as usual, and now I’m ready to draw and unwind and maybe finally watch Sing Street.


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