Day 2.30

Feeling: scratchiness in my throat, knots in my back being released
Smelling: bathroom cleaner
Tasting: that new banana Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (review to come soon!)
Hearing: Scottish and Irish accents mixing
Seeing: a pub that’s new to me in a quiet residential area

My first order of the day was my first physical therapy appointment. Man, am I glad I scheduled that. Just a little bit of massage on the knots in my lower back had me feeling like I’d borrowed someone else’s (non-injured) body. The PT showed me a couple exercises to do regularly, so I hope those will help me keep it.

I went to my two lectures, and I was surprised that in my first one, the lecturer actually started the class on time. Usually International food policy doesn’t begin until maybe 10 or more minutes past the hour, but I walked in late (since I was distracted doing a very thorough bathroom cleaning, plus it was raining so what the point of class anyway) and the lecturer had already begun. It’s odd, he kinda acts like an American professor in that he actually engages his students. And the students actually respond. Makes me feel kinda bad that I was expecting another mindless few classes.

Fencing that night was exciting. I got a lesson from Trevor and fenced my first épée bouts in what feels like a while. People say I’m ready for Easts, so I’m gonna take their word for it. Afterwards, we went out to a nearby pub for some banter before I talked with Brian and went to bed.


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