Day 2.31

Smelling: sencha green tea
Hearing: some really intense Undertale music
Tasting: a salad from The Rocket Man that was a lot saltier than I expected
Seeing: Evan‘s wonderful smile
Feeling: head fog, nerves, a light sweat from jogging

Wow, I’ve been here for a full month! But time is a concept that does not make sense to me right now so I’ll interpret that later.

Another day on which I wake up too early but manage to get myself back asleep again. It’s alright though. I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for my back pain and it was too late to cancel it since I had PT the previous day, so I showed up and thought, well, I guess I can talk about my sore throat which I know is just a virus? But the doctor was cool about it and sent me on my way.

I had to meet one of my teammates at the gym to pick up breeches (what they call knickers here [knickers are panties]) for Easts, and since I had a good chunk of time before that I decided to try and get some low-impact cardio on the elliptical according to my PT’s recommendation while waiting. But these ellipticals man, their interface is a nightmare. Mostly because they’re very insensitive touchscreens so I just can’t properly press anything without changing the device’s language to Chinese.

Anyway, I got my breeches and took a shower back at the apartment, then met up with Evan for coffee in town. Neither of us were feeling very well, although Evan, the trooper, was probably a little worse off than myself. Still, it was nice to catch up since most of our communication is via Twitter. After getting back to the apartment I realized I’d forgotten to get a few athletic supplies for the tourney, so Erin and I ventured into town. I got a black beanie that will have to serve if I never find my Lucky Chops beanie again.

The bus ride with the fencing team was full of good banter. I did a little reading for class and survived Mettaton (a boss in Undertale)! Getting to Rae’s place was unnecessarily difficult since I got off too early and the taxi driver that I ended up hailing didn’t know where to drop me, but eventually I got in from the wind and rain and went to bed.


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