Day 2.35

Feeling: a little less sniffly
Hearing: Brian’s voice
Seeing: a beautiful episode of Voltron (s2e4), jars of honey and jam in the veg shop, sunshine
Tasting: some good French press coffee, yellow peas and veggie soup
Smelling: ginger tea

I learned today that the key to staying engaged in my lectures is coffee. It’s a little disappointing to rely on a substance, but being even-more-than awake is a huge and easy boost. So when I woke up a little later than usual and forgot to make a French press, I realized how much lower my interest in Celtic languages was than past Tuesday mornings. Oh well. And, I didn’t even use my heart-shaped silicone pan mold to make a V-day themed breakfast! I know, what’s even the point?

After the first lecture ended I listened in to Tapes, a show on our university’s radio station. This was the third show, but this one was special because Colm, the host, picked my prompt! Each week he picks a person’s request for a mixtape and constructs it based on the stories we tell in our application. I had a lovely time chatting with him and even talked on air for a little bit. You should go listen to it (and the full extended version on Spotify).

I went to my second Celtic Languages lecture, stopped by the veg stop with Greer (a classmate who is also in USAC!), and back to the apartment to clean up and do laundry. Much to my dismay, even after 1.5 hours of drying, my laundry was cold and damp. I was running late to my history lecture, so I threw everything in its bag and dashed. At least after afternoon coffee I was much more engaged in this 4 o’clock lecture than usual.

I made soup for dinner with a recipe a USAC-mate last semester had given me, then Brian and I Skyped and watched Voltron. I stayed up a little too late, too excited to get back to the gym and for tomorrow’s donut adventures.


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