Day 2.36

Tasting: several sweet and fluffy donuts (some dipped in coffee)
Seeing: sun filter through trees and onto people’s faces and the buildings and street
Hearing: chill electronic music play in Oh My Donuts!, jazz ensemble sounding like a full cohesive band (?!)
Feeling: an uncontrollable cough, sweaty, heart racing
Smelling: not much, the (clean) gym locker room

I woke up officially at 7 so I could work up an appetite at the gym before setting out to eat every donut in Cork. I forgot to bring my euro coin which I needed for a locker, so I risked stashing my stuff in an unreserved locker. Thankfully nothing was stolen. When I came back the sunlight was making the courtyard glow. I showered, ate some eggs, and took out the recycling. Ellie and Lizzie began our donut quest, which you can watch here:

Strangely, by the end of it, I wasn’t too full. Maybe getting better from a virus makes my appetite skyrocket.

Here’s a weird story that happened on the way back to the apartment: An man (55 years old as he told me) walking his dog was ambling along the same path that my friends and I were, and he told me that he could tell I was a “fellow psychedelic,” he could “see it in my eyes,” by my rainbow earrings. He also made comments about how I was “leading the pack” and “showing them the ropes” in reference to my USAC-mates with me. I’m not sure what made him think that about me. It was actually quite amusing and nice but got uncomfortable. One of the pieces of wisdom he bestowed upon me: “How can you find the rainbow if you don’t know what colors you’re looking for?”

However, staying focused and not sniffling in food quality lecture was quite a task, as was chilling in the library lobby without coughing. I stopped in the gallery café on my way to jazz ensemble for some lemon ginger tea, which brought me some calm and peace of mind as well.

With this unseasonably springy weather came one of the most cohesive jazz rehearsals I’ve ever had. I was dreading practice. But the room was cleaner, I wasn’t tired, the sun was shining, there was a drummer and a bassist with us, and when we played a new song (“Autumn Leaves”) it just came together in an instant. And yet I still wanted to curl into a ball with insecurity. I wanted to keep everyone’s approval. I wanted to feel comfortable with my musicianship. So when I talked to my mom later, she reminded me how much I’ve pushed myself and how much pride I should have in that. And she’s right, I guess. This is new territory for me in several ways.


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