Day 2.38

Smelling: not much (still congested!), fresh coffee
Seeing: my socks and underwear in my room hanging on yarn like carnival flags, Netflix in dark rooms of my apartment, very gloomy sky
Hearing: Electric Guest, rain falling outside
Tasting: way too much black pepper in my sweet potato gratin, banana ice cream
Feeling: a little crampy

I got a very late start today. And by late, I mean I woke up officially at 9 a.m., but the late start came about because I refused to get on with my day. Hey, it was a rainy Friday. So of course I watched the last few episodes of Community season 5, which wasn’t mind-blowing but at least I got to watch something not available on American Netflix.

Later on I did such important tasks as cleaning my room, talking with my therapist from back home over the phone (a better session than the two student counseling ones combined), and buying groceries. Grocery shopping, while usually mildly enjoyable, was deeply therapeutic today and I ended up buying more than I usually do– not anything I don’t need, of course.

Later I baked a sweet potato gratin, two Apartment Five girls came up and we watched Good Will Hunting (my first time watching), and hopefully I can get a reasonable amount of sleep and a reasonable start to the day tomorrow. Like Coach Trevor said to me last night, I need to recover from my lunge fast, like I’ve just received an electric shock.


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