Day 2.40

Feeling: sweaty, not too hungry, a few raindrops
Smelling: the strongest hit of Jackie Lennox’s ever
Seeing: a gloomy sky, what looks like a track and field (athletics) photoshoot
Tasting: ice coffee, speculoos truffle
Hearing: more great songs on my release radar, an open grand piano in what feels like a vacant music building

Something I didn’t include in my post yesterday: the Japanese takeaway place I visited was wonderful, unsurprisingly. I ordered katsu don because it was a dish I’d been meaning to try, and when I FaceTimed with my mom that night she was shocked I was eating meat. Hey, I cheat on pescetarianism for experience. Waiting was a little awkward because the place is small and cramped, but the server offered me and the person waiting next to me edamame to snack on while we ate, and the two of us struck up a nice conversation.

I felt very efficient for getting a workout and then going directly to the music building, but by the time I left the gym my insides still felt like they were on fire and I was sweating the whole walk there. I decided to give myself a break and not go to the top floor practice rooms, and I was glad I made that decision. The grand piano on the ground floor practice room was already open and there was no one around to hear me, so in between practicing for jazz ensemble I banged out some pop tunes and even threw in some vocal practice.

While in my apartment I made an effort to read more but it was difficult to get the words through my head. Or maybe I’m trying too hard. I made some progress, anyhow. I met Margarida and two of her friends in city centre since they hadn’t tried fish and chips yet, and how could I miss such an important milestone? I got a veggie burger since I had my share of deep-fried flesh last night, but of course ate up the leftovers.

Tomorrow I plan to get my hair cut, see Hidden Figures, and get a lot more research and drawing done.



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