Day 2.41

Smelling: onions cooking in the kitchen
Hearing: the Hans Zimmer- and Pharrell Williams-composed soundtrack to Hidden Figures, razors around my ear, dreamy hip-hop in the barbershop
Seeing: a cloudy sky
Feeling: on an energy high all day, tongue burns
Tasting: a sweet potato with spinach and cheese

One of my goals for this lecture-less day was to get my hair cut, and while I didn’t reach my aim of getting to the barbershop I wanted to try exactly at opening, I did get there early enough that there was still an open chair. It had a similar vibe to my barber back in Baltimore, only there was less taxidermy, and the music was R&B-ish hip-hop instead of the local rock station. I thought I would just get the sides touched up, but I decided to get an actual haircut and I’m pleased with that decision. The fade was maybe even better than what I got back in the States, and I paid only ten euro for it!

I went to a café down the street to finish up some reading, back to my place to do some yoga, then to the cinema to see Hidden Figures. Once back at my place, I got some more work done on my graphic memoir until fencing practice that night.

I felt like I was on a rush all day– maybe the product of a good night’s sleep multiplied by tea in the morning and hot chocolate later on. But of course by the time fencing came around, I was not really feeling like going. I felt like I hadn’t gotten enough drawing, reading, or writing that night, but I couldn’t afford to miss any training with Intervarsities coming up.

I’m glad I went. My head felt like it was somewhere else and I only got to go on piste a few times, but I needed some social interaction and physical activity that day to snap me out of it. Plus, I got some much-needed target practice.

I’m going to be dedicating more time to my essays and drawing, or at least I hope to high heaven that I will.


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