Sweet Review #18: Ben & Jerry’s One Love


And for my next review, I will be discussing another Irish Ben & Jerry’s flavor! Like One Sweet World, this flavor’s name also begins with “One” in a way that is meant to embody harmony, only this one’s doesn’t donate any proceeds towards an organization that’s supposed to help achieve this. Instead this flavor is named after Bob Marley’s “One Love,” joining the ranks of B&J’s musician-inspired ice creams like Phish Food and Cherry Garcia.


When I began to discover British-Isles cuisine, I was confronted with something called “Banoffee.” Naturally, I assumed this was a combination of banana and coffee, and I was reassured that I wasn’t the only one who thought that bananas and coffee might live together in pastry harmony.

Turns out the “-offee” bit comes from “toffee.”

Yeah, I definitely wasn’t seriously considering putting those two popular South American crops together. Definitely just thought of something similar to bananas foster, another burnt sugar and fruit combo.

When I had my first bite of this flavor, I was a bit underwhelmed. Banana is a subtle flavor, but there are ways of amping it up, like using a tart banana and/or caramelizing it. This ice cream does neither. Instead, it tastes like the typical banana flavoring that always lets you down. I decided to give it a break and come back to it later when my tastebuds might be a little sharper (I was congested from a cold).

I sandwiched it between two of my chocolate-almond-cinnamon-strawberry jam thumbprint cookies (or jammy dodgers, since we’re being Brits here) and I was pleased with that. Again, chocolate is always a good way to amp up the banana. I didn’t taste much of those cookie swirls boasted about on the carton, nor were there many “chocolatey peace signs” to crunch on. But the caramel was there in a subtle amount.

Then, because of the obvious coffee confusion, it was affogato time.

Or really, coffee float because I don’t have an espresso machine. I’m sure the above images look incredibly appetizing. I keep burning my tongue on hot liquids and foods, so the frozen dairy was a necessary safety measure this morning.

In this case, the banana was overwhelmed by this mediocre coffee, but the buttery cookie swirls harmonized with the coffee in a way to rival my friends and classmates back at UMD School of Music. Still not much heard from the caramel or the sparsely-scattered chocolate peace pieces.

There’s one more way I want to try this, which is in a crêpe or maybe on a waffle. Banana, chocolate, and caramel are all popular crêpe fillings, and I imagine it would taste good, but the more I think about it the more I realize that there wouldn’t be that big of a difference in the experience.

I was going to close this review by saying that you should just pick up a half-litre of One Sweet World if you want a chocolate-er, caramel-er experience, but I remembered how overwhelmingly sweet (true to the name) it is. So the one major credit I will give this ice cream is that it’s not too sweet and won’t give you that sugary head rush, if that’s what you want.

The lack of serious mix-ins and strong flavors makes this ice cream a better accompaniment than standalone, and an interesting fusion of British Isles taste and Bob Marley (I guess because of the banana song?). I’ll try one or two more combinations and report back to you. All 1.26 of you over the past month.


This picture has been horrendously zoomed-in upon in an attempt to hide the ragged edges of this excuse for a crêpe. But it’s really damn good, lads. There wasn’t a climactic melting of chocolate or caramel, but it’s hard to go wrong with ice cream and a vanilla pastry.


It’s really good with peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.


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