Day 2.43

Tuesday has been skipped because I forgot about it and, conveniently, because nothing extraordinary happened.

Smelling: fertilizer
Tasting: really good cappuccino, salty green pizza
Feeling: slightly nauseated, very tired
Seeing: a city that looks deader than usual
Hearing: loud trucks

Waking up at 6:30 when you’ve gone to bed between 11 and midnight isn’t fun. But I thought maybe I could get to the gym early, except I wasn’t feeling stellar at that hour of the morning. So I worked on my graphic memoir and chatted with Clarissa back in Maryland for a bit.

I made it to the gym after a while, but the combination of it being now-crowded and myself not feeling in top condition prompted me to leave after about 20 minutes of leg resistance training. Eh, at least I went at all. The small bit of activity maybe cleared my mind.

I went to get coffee with Colm (of Tapes) at an espresso bar that was new to me, and that was really nice. I really needed both the caffeine and the human interaction to clear my mind. And the place was right near the co-op, so I could pick up supplies for dinners.

Classes were alright– our food quality professor was tipsy I think, or maybe just very tired. Either way I’m not very surprised. I’m learning some interesting things about mushrooms in that class.


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