Day 2.46

Feeling: stomachache, sauna, so much pain in my right pec
Smelling: peanut butter cookie dipped into coffee
Hearing: the CBC Top 30, wind whistling outside
Tasting: banana
Seeing: A clean apartment, reference photos of Florence

The cookie dough I made a froze last night baked up very nicely this morning. And according to tradition, I had to eat some as soon as they were baked. After some general lazing around all morning, I lay belly-down on my yoga mat to work more on my essays and draw. It feels so good to not sit.

Fencing went alright. My pec was really hurting badly so I decided to stop early, and sat in the sauna for a bit massaging my chest, which I’m sure didn’t look odd at all. My teammates, I’m proud to say, liked my cookies! Ironically, the one who had a birthday today didn’t like peanut butter, but he acknowledged that they were good.


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