Day 2.47

Hearing: the incredible Moonlight soundtrack
Seeing: the finale of ASoUE, Evangelina’s face over Skype
Feeling: tired but restful, hot towel on my shoulders
Smelling: strong black tea
Tasting: more peanut butter cookies

This was a total rest day for me. No yoga and hardly any walking, not even leaving the apartment until later that night when I went to the cinema with Erin! But it’s truly what I needed. My pec was feeling a lot less pain, which I hope is an advancement in my health and not just because I didn’t use it today.

I did more research for my essays and more drawing for my graphic capstone project, but still felt like at the end of the day I hadn’t gotten enough done. I’m facing a couple little roadblocks here and there, and I’m never really sure how to get around them. Then I kinda just get frustrated and move onto something else, which might not be the best strategy for dealing with things.

Anyway, Erin and I saw Moonlight and I loved it. It’s one of the few films I would rewatch while still in cinemas. The music, sound, and costume were beautiful, and the camera work was astonishing. Even though it wasn’t really a happy movie, watching it made me happy. Maybe it’s the nostalgia for the Miami breeze? As I’m writing this the next day and the awards have been awarded, I can say that it absolutely deserved Best Picture.


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