Day 2.48

Feeling: groggy, hot towel on my left shoulder and KTape on my right pec
Smelling: peanut butter cookie dipped in coffee
Seeing: vibrant green around the Loch, enough seats in the library, a crêpe maker on sale
Tasting: hummus and corn chips
Hearing: Con saying my name for the first time (in a while)

Having gone to bed past midnight, my body waking me up at 8 a.m. sharp wasn’t exactly appreciated. It was too early and not early enough. To early to get enough rest, maybe, but I also got a slow start compared to most of my mornings, which begin before 8. But I went to the grocery before it got crowded, and I was in the library doing research for my history essay around noon. I actually got some solid 1.5-2 hours done, but I still feel uncertain about a lot of what I’m doing. I need to go to talk to my professor, grr.

The rest of the day was buying more vegetables at Con’s, where he finally asked my name. I’d introduced myself at the beginning of last semester, and he’s just been calling me “miss” since. Hey, at least he’s not like my first fencing coach, who called me “young lady” all the time.

In a flawless segue, fencing that night went pretty well. My pec’s soreness came back a little, but Donnchda gave me some KTape, which basically functions as a custom brace, and that gave me so much relief.

Something I keep meaning to talk about about is the verdancy of Ireland. I remember someone saying that you see shades of green in Ireland that you don’t see anywhere else in the world, and that didn’t stand up to what I’d seen these past few months. It was autumn going into winter, after all. Now that we’re getting this unseasonal weather, however climate change-induced it may be, the variety and vibrancy of green is striking me with its beauty.


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