Day 2.49

Feeling: very hungry
Smelling: smoky streets
Tasting: sugar-free dark chocolate that doesn’t taste sugar-free, the best blueberry pancakes I’ve made in a while
Hearing: Colm’s fourth edition of Tapes
Seeing: my new food quality lecturer

This was a busy Tuesday, as my Tuesdays always are. And it was very slow to start as well. I woke up well before 7 and instead of heading off to the gym or writing or drawing or doing yoga or going to the music building or reading, I just sort of lay about for some time. But that’s just what happens when your body won’t let you sleep longer.

And it was pancake Tuesday! As you probably know if you’re reading this, I’m not the least bit Catholic, but I love and care very much about pancakes and am living in Ireland. After accepting a little while ago that my improvised pancake recipes have been a little disappointing, I spent a lot of time researching on Yummly trying to pick the right one. Coincidentally, I found one that used flax, almond meal, oat flour, shredded coconut, and whole-wheat pastry flour– all of which I happened to have in my pantry already! The blueberries I had on hand added to its deliciousness. Maybe “pancake” here more often refers to the thing crêpe style of pancake, but I know they like their fluffy stacks here too.

I met one of my teammates after Celtic languages so she could give me a muscle soreness cream that would hopefully help my torn pec, and then we hung out in the Common Room for a bit while eating lunch. Well, I worked on my essay instead of talking much, but I’m thankful that Chelo was understanding. And then I got distracted and made a spreadsheet that was meant to help determine the ranking of the donuts from weeks ago, which I will definitely share later.

Food quality was actually very engaging this time since we had a new lecturer (#noshade) who is covering dairy chemistry. Even though a lot of dairy stuff is still fresh in my mind from last semester, this new guy covers it a bit more enthusiastically. He even looks more professional; he wears a sport coat and circles the lecture hall and all that.

I needed to talk to my history professor because I was still feeling a little bewildered about my essay, and caught him just as he was about to leave for a meeting. But he so kindly gave me a few minutes (more like, ten or fifteen) that did help reassure me. I feel lucky.


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