Day 2.50

Smelling: fresh onions frying
Hearing: Evangelina’s playlist that she made for me (with my theme “strangers”), a guitarist and singer in the donut shop
Seeing: sun in my eyes in the practice room, The World in Six Songs
Tasting: veggie hash (sweet potatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, egg, avocado), a chocolate-filled donut
Feeling: warm steamed bun, my teammate’s glasses on my face

I spent way too much of the morning working on my drawings, but getting caught up in details and not getting as much done as I wished. I was actually kinda late for my food quality class because of it. Only a few minutes late maybe, but this professor is a little more uptight.

Between that class and jazz rehearsal, I met with one of my teammates at a donut shop that’s sort of on my way to the music building. Since I was there much earlier than her, I spent some time reading my book that I’m really enjoying, The World in Six Songs. It was a nice coincidence that I read it in the shop, as there was a musician there singing and playing guitar. He was a little intense, given the volume and resonance of his voice for a relatively small, echo-y shop, but I’m sure he’s very suited to busking. And after he was done, the shop went back to its usual calm vibes of electo-ish indie and new wave.

Hanging out with Lillie was really nice too. I’m not sure if it was the social interaction, the theobromine, the caffeine, or the sugar that put me in the right mindset for jazz ensemble, but it went very smoothly today. We did simple improv based on quarter, eighth, and eighth triplets of the blues scale.

It was a shame I had to leave fifteen minutes early in order to get to a meeting with my fencing team, and upon arriving, not even being able to find them. Ah well. I’ll get whatever information was necessary tomorrow.

Also, I started watching Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and I’m hooked. It might be the exact show I need right now.


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