Day 2.55

I’ve been off the blog for a few days, and without any warning this time. Sorry about that, but the past few days have been exhausting. I’ll catch you up as efficiently as I can.

I had two essays due on Monday, a 1500-word history paper and a 2000-word food policy paper. The history one was about food agitation and agrarianism while the food policy one was about childhood obesity, sugar consumption, and soda taxes (specifically a comparison between the US’s and Mexico’s related policies). So every spare minute I could get with my laptop I was tapping away on those. I skipped Thursday training to work on them, which I felt pretty bad about since Intervarsities was the weekend to come, but IV’s were already going to eat up a bunch of my time. The essays accounted for (I think) 40% of my grade, after all. I finally finished them Monday.

Saturday was the day my team (women’s épée) competed in IV’s! Although it was exhausting in more ways than one, it was actually such a good experience. I didn’t feel as lost as I have in the past; I felt like I had so many people supporting me and guiding me. And while I often train with one of my teammates, Chelo, I had never even seen our captain Leona fence before. She was formidable on the piste and off. Women’s épée ended up second tied with Trinity, which if you don’t know what Trinity is like, is pretty satisfying. They’re so annoying and way too damn loud. Plus last year, they came in sixth.

In the few hours between the tournament and the gala, I worked on my history essay. The whole situation with that one was a little bit weird because there was one article that I really needed in order to completely understand and write about the topic, which I couldn’t get until I asked my professor about it. And I asked him relatively late and he didn’t post it until I did, which means that no one else looked at it, I guess?

The gala was so fun. I’d brought over a very nice metallic A-line sleeveless dress with a lace back over from the US and was a little dismayed I hadn’t gotten a use for it yet, but this was the opportunity. Plus, it paired pretty nicely with my elephant-head art deco necklace, sabre bracelet, and pink pumps. I’m going into so much detail about it because I neglected to take proper pre-formal pictures, sigh.

There was a reception, a dinner (which was tasty but way too salty), and a killer band followed by a DJ. It was really refreshing to be at an event with other college students where almost everyone actually wanted to dance. Seems like at most dances, people have to be dragged onto the dancefloor. Also, there was hardly a poorly-dressed person present, and certainly no one from UCC.

My friend Lillie crashed at my place because her house is way too far away to return to at 2am, so I provided her with some clothes the next morning so she wouldn’t have to wear a sequined gown to watch men’s sabre, men’s épée, and women’s foil. We got caught in some wicked rain on the walk to the stadium and I was shivering like hell for a while, but I’m glad I knew there was a sauna to lounge in for a few minutes, which shook the shivers out of me.

I spent lots of time sitting in the gym café working on my essays and I made plenty of progress, but realized that if I didn’t go into the salle I wouldn’t catch any of the tournament. I’m proud of my teammates, especially the men’s sabre team which came in first! It’s the only event we got a first in, but with UCD and TCD against us it’s pretty good.

By the time we had cleaned up the salle I was well-knackered, but it seemed important to get dinner with my teammates and after some indecision we ended up at a retro American copycat-diner. I ordered a peanut butter shake and a veggie burger, but my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I ended up pawning off the shake on a friend and taking home half of a burger. The fact that they sold something pb-flavored made it seem very American indeed, but the fact that on could order black pudding on a burger betrayed its Irishness.

The next day I finished up the essays and the citations, and turning them in was not easy. Let’s just say it involved printing out, stapling, going to copy and print more, going to print out the online turn-in receipt, and lots of walking in between everything. It didn’t help that campus was crowded with kids campaigning for Student Union. I was glad when it was over so I could take another crack at the Undertale final boss, but only had an hour or so before fencing training that night. And after, you can bet I passed right out.


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