Day 2.56

Smelling: coffee blondies with pumpkin spice chips
Tasting: Cadbury Oreo egg
Feeling: a little bit of the return of pain in my lower back
Seeing: a drizzle of rain outside
Hearing: some great new albums

I set my alarm early to get to the gym, and even though I woke up before it I ended up getting there 40 minutes later than I wanted to. But that’s just to be expected, to be honest. I squatted and in some ways I think my squat is better and in some ways worse? Like I think I’m more symmetrical, but I’m not bracing my core enough or squatting deep enough, or something. I dunno, I need someone to yell (wanted) advice at me.

I was dead tired after lectures. In fact, I napped in between two of them. Wait, I didn’t even nap, I just lay down for a little under an hour. It felt nice. Sorry lads, I can’t finish this post I’m just way too tired.


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