Sweet Review #19: Speculoos Rolls

Ah, speculoos. Speck-ooh-lows. The sweet cinnamon biscuit that has only recently (re?)captured the heart of America, yet has populated the Low Countries of Europe for years. Don’t quote me on that, I really didn’t do any research.

When I visited Brussels a couple of weekends ago, I visited the grocery store with Marine and her mum to shop for dinner ingredients. I’m not a big fan of the grocery stores in Belgium, although my dad will wax poetic about the ready availability of kipcurry salad on the deli shelves. And okay, there’s no shortage of chocolate. But I was never very pleased about snack availability. In an American grocery store, snacks are life. You can get snacks of various degrees of healthfulness, affordability, shelf life, colorfulness, origin, etc. I’m not the kind of person who can eat three square meals a day. I need my healthy, hearty, portable snacks, and Belgian grocery stores had like, some crackers with dried fruit in them.

But when I visited the Carrefour in Jette, hoping to get a snack for my flight back home, this snack food caught my eye. They’re just domes of speculoos covered in Belgian milk chocolate, and you know I’ve gotta try them.

My expectations were low, but they got blown through the roof. I don’t even care that much for Lotus’ speculoos, but combining the buttery, brown sugar-y cookie with milk chocolate was such a good idea. I keep trying to place my finger on what makes the chocolate taste the way it does. The word “malty” comes to mind, but I thought I use that word too much, but maybe it’s true.

I have these in the shelf above my desk whenever I need a self-reward for finishing an assignment or something sweet to crunch on with my coffee. Maybe I could toss these in a trail mix. It’ll be sad when they run out, but if you’re ever in Belgium maybe you can snag some. And maybe send me a bag.


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