Day 2.57

Tasting: pumpkin spice blondie
Feeling: nice balmy weather
Seeing: lots of students dressed in black
Hearing: “R U Mine?” playing in a pub
Smelling: iced coffee

I got a relatively late and sleepy start, so after doing a bit of cleanup I took a bit longer than I would have liked getting to getting to the gym. But the timing turned out perfect, because on my way back to my place, the UCC #Strike4Repeal rally was beginning. If you don’t know, one of the main gender equality movements in Ireland is about repealing the eighth amendment, which criminalizes abortion. The rally was relatively short and calm, but it had good vibes and good speakers. I was glad I showed up. I sometimes think that I should keep my nose out of most Irish politics because I don’t want to be an American imperialist or something, but “No one is free when others are oppressed,” and I wanted to show solidarity with my Irish cohort.

mijn moeder ❤

I actually went to the library for a bit to get back on that excessively-fancy note-taking grind, since my only lecture that day was cancelled. I did go to jazz rehearsal though, which was kinda messy and boring, as it has been. Ah well. On the way back I met my friend and teammate Sean for dinner at Wagamama, where I got some of the most delicious vegetarian Japanese(-inspired) food I’d had in a while. It was nice to chat with Sean for a bit out of the fencing context, although of course we still talked about fencing!

When I got back to my place, people were gathered in the kitchen eating not only the coffee blondie with pumpkin spice chips that I baked for Erin’s 20th birthday, but several large Smarties-studded cookies and one very large pizza-sized cookie that was crunchy on the top and buttery underneath. I had a bit of a cookie overload (with some alomnd milk to wash it down, of course), but I was still kinda hungry even after curry noodles and a steamed bun!


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