Day 2.58

Feeling: scraped knees, full stomach
Seeing: the inside of Boojum, my Celtic languages notes
Smelling: my new team jacket
Hearing: Hamilton, the beginning of In the Heights
Tasting: new Ben & Jerry’s (to be blogged about soon!)

Why did I wake up at 8:30 and only get out the door to do stuff at 11:30? I felt like making pancakes for one thing, so that always takes longer than one might think. But at least I got  grocery shopping and some studying for my Celtic languages class done. Also, my appetite came back more today.

My two lectures were pretty boring, as usual, but they went by fast enough. In the interval between lectures and training I did some more drawing. I overheard Erin listening to Hamilton in the kitchen (it was technically her first time!), so I felt like I should finally listen to In the Heights.

At training I finally got my new team jacket, this time with my actual initials. I met my friend Lizzie after at Boojum, a new Chipotle-like Tex-Mex place in town. It’s interesting how unfamiliar and fascinated Cork is with burritos. There’s even a sticker on the foil wrapping instructing the eater to peel back the foil while eating. This place was actually very good. I like how you can get whole-wheat wraps and for vegetarian burritos, guacamole is free. On the walk back to our place, the fasteners on my hiking sneakers caught together and I fell forward! I was okay, just embarrassed. Like, why is it even possible for those little toggles to do that?


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