Day 2.59

Feeling: bit of an ache in my back, caffeine jitters
Smelling: clean laundry from Jackie Lennox’s
Hearing: Moana soundtrack
Tasting: more pumpkin spice blondie
Seeing: the inside of the Aula Maxima

I woke up quite early, ate a leftover pancake, and went to the gym. Once I returned I made a second breakfast and fell back asleep, then didn’t wake up until 12:30. Whoops. So then I took my laundry to the laundrette, worked on my comic, and watched more of Dirk Gently’s HDA.

I FaceTimed with my mom, read more of a webcomic (for uh, research), and eventually got myself to the UCC food conference opening speakers. The president spoke, as did the head of the food science school, and the founder/owner of the Ballymalloe Cookery School. The last was very very long, like she was trying to tell us everything she possibly knew. Like the unnecessarily long list of recent food trends.

I actually got to say hi to the new president Pat O’Shea afterwards! He’s rather friendly, spry, and has a resonant laugh. I told him I was visiting from University of Maryland (where he worked), and that my dad is George Wittenberg, whom he recognized! Also that his son Ronan and I interned in a lab together one summer, and that even though it was fun it made me realize that I didn’t want to do kinesiology. So, that drove me to food science. Same for Ronan, who now studies neuroscience at Brown. Pat is trying to get him to come to Cork for the summer.


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