Day 2.60

Tasting: mozzarella grilled cheese with harissa
Seeing: a nearly-empty locker room
Hearing: butter popping as it browns
Smelling: vanilla and brown butter, black tea
Feeling: a sweaty cuddle puddle, warm weather

One of my skills is doing baking/cooking projects in the very short period of time before leaving the house for the day. I haven’t done such a thing in a while, but it’s good to know that I could do so today. I didn’t say that I always get to where I’m going on time, though, and I missed the first couple speakers of the UCC Food Conference today.

Most of the ones that I did see were pretty good though, even if they generally spoke way too long and held back the schedule substantially. I had to leave partway though the chef’s panel so I could make it to fencing, though. It was such nice weather today and I only got experience it briefly when leaving the conference center (the lecture theatre basement).

I mostly fenced foil today. I don’t feel good when after I fence foil. Even when I win a bout, it doesn’t feel very satisfying. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve fenced foil for longer so I have higher expectations for myself, or because it’s not as exciting and new as épée. But either way, it leads me down the feelings tunnel of “how have I been doing this for so long but I’m not good at it” etc.

After fencing one of my teammates and I went to get dinner at a place I’d wanted to try, Holy Smoke. They’re primarily a meat smokery kinda place, but I really wanted to try one of their veggie burgers. Definitely worth the trip.


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