Day 2.61

Feeling: very windy
Smelling: a farm
Seeing: early sunset on the clouds
Tasting: hamantaschen, strange mac and cheese
Hearing: Frank Ocean’s “Chanel” three times

I decided not to go to the conference this morning. I knew I’d have to leave by lunchtime and everything in the morning didn’t interest me too much, unfortunately. Instead I baked hamantaschen with the dough I had chilling in the fridge overnight, and that felt so relaxing.

My costume was basically Batman because I borrowed my friend’s Batman shirt, but the rest of my outfit was kinda a biker-chick look. Once arriving at my bus stop, I waited around for another member and we waited to get picked up. It was a little odd to look for “Myriam,” someone who I wasn’t sure if I’d met before. When an older gentlewoman with shopping bags arrived at the bus stop a few meters away from me, I called out her name and was lucky it was her! She’s French-Algerian (pied-noir) so I tried my best to practice my French with her.

The Purim festivities were pretty simple. We read an English translation of the Megillah, from which I learned some aspects of the Purim story that I wasn’t aware of (such as the royal order to execute the Jews being unremovable so the Jews had to arm and defend themselves).

Afterwards I lay about in bed reading my webcomic for a while, then went to meet my friend Colm for dinner. Our initially-planned restaurant was very crowded that night and he could get a reservation, so we tried a bar where I wanted to try dinner. We had plenty of good talk about music, and it was fitting that the places we went played good tunes.


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