Day 2.62

Feeling: the sweatiest I’ve been in a while
Tasting: Gubbeen and Arsdallagh goat cheeses on rye
Smelling: ginger tea
Seeing: sunshine reflecting off the wet pavement, fish being cut under water
Hearing: Hugh lead fencing drills, new Steven Universe music

At the advice of my friend Evan, I set my alarm a little earlier than usual after staying up late so I wouldn’t sleep in too much. As in, I set my alarm at all because I wasn’t planning on making it anywhere early.

But it was a good thing I did wake up early enough, since I got to go shopping in the English Market for bread, cheese, and fish for once. I got hazelnut rye bread– one I’d wanted to try for a while. I was overwhelmed by the selection of fresh fish that sat on ice with no barrier to prevent me from dropping money into an open mouth, but decided that a trout fillet would be good for the evening. And as for cheese, there were many to choose from. So I opted for the goat cheese in the wettest, messiest wrapper I could find since I figured it would be the freshest. It actually turned out to be quite pungent. And I wanted to try Gubbeen, but not the smoked kind.

I spent a little time lying on the floor catching up on Steven Universe, and (proud of myself) got to the practice room and got a decent hour in. Following this streak of productivity, I went to the library and went over my Celtic languages stuff, even if only for about half an hour.

I had to get to fencing that night, and had to wear glasses but thankfully no masks were involved tonight. I worked on the parry prime, which was pretty unfamiliar to most of us. I also learned that we have squad training after Monday night practice, and decided to attend that for the first time. Most of it was lower-body and core exercises.

It’s sort of odd, there was no particular point in either training session when I started to feel especially tired, but by the time I got back to my apartment I was wiped out. Still, I wanted to make that fish tonight, so I baked in en papillote with lemon, red bell peppers, and green onions.


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