Day 2.63

Feeling: slightly sore throat
Tasting: Gubeen on rye toast with mustard
Smelling: a little bit of sweat, perfume
Hearing: Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark
Seeing: a sunset stream into the kitchen

I know I start off a lot of my posts with how I wake up, but today’s wakeup was particularly difficult. I’d gone to bed a little past midnight and woke up at about half-seven, but the extra conditioning I’d done right before bed probably exhausted me more than I’d like to admit. To add to my distress, the cold-brew coffee I made wasn’t strong enough this time. I started my lectures very slowly.

But I got a second wind eventually, and since the weather was lovely I decided to go into town to get some shopping done. I even arrived back at my apartment with enough time to lie in bed and catch up on Steven Universe. I always know how bad of an idea it is to lie down before I have another lecture, but I still made it to that last lecture in time.

Since it is Pi day and I didn’t feel like making a dessert, I made a quiche! Or something like a quiche; it was probably more veg than egg. I wish I could say I did more things that evening but I was exhausted. That’s often just how Tuesdays go for me, unfortunately.


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