Day 2.64

Tasting: veggie pad thai
Smelling: slightly burned toast
Hearing: one of my bandmates in jazz ensemble sing (really well!)
Seeing: sunlight stream into the café in the Glucksman, the latest UCC Express
Feeling: exhausted, difficulty sleeping, brisk breeze, new multicolored pens in my notebook

I woke up and went back to sleep for just 40 minutes, which turned out to be actually sufficient for feeling more awake. A morning nap, a yoga flow, and some extra food got me out the door eventually to meet Lillie to buy our tickets to Edinburgh. Funnily enough, even after she left I ran into three other fencing friends on campus.

Lecture was interesting enough, we learned more about milk enzymes. In the break between lecture and rehearsal I sat myself down in the library to work on Celtic languages, and having no more functioning colored pens, Lillie so kindly brought me a new pack.

Rehearsal was alright. I tried singing “Misty” but it was no less difficult than last time I tried it, so I decided to just play piano for now. Almost as soon as I got back to my place, I went to meet Evan for dinner in town to try a new southeast Asian street food place. It’s always lovely seeing him, and no spoilers for the review, but the meal turned into a pleasant surprise.


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