Day 2.65

Seeing: a box full of hamantaschen, emptier classrooms
Hearing: “All the Things You Are” on piano and trombone
Tasting: chocolate oatmeal
Feeling: tired, too much caffeine, warm weather, light drizzle
Smelling: wet cement

What got me out the door in the morning was having a partner rehearsal scheduled in the music building at 10 a.m. It was probably good that I had a commitment to get me to start my day, but I was way too tired to deal. The rehearsal went decent anyway, and maybe now we have finals to look forward to I’ll actually practice.

I made it through my Food Policy and my History lectures, to which plenty of my classmates didn’t show up. It was surely due to the holiday weekend starting early for some, as it tends to do.

Shamefully, I skipped fencing that night, but so were many people. Instead I used my time to watch Dirk Gently’s HDA, write my restaurant review, and talk to friends.


3 thoughts on “Day 2.65

      1. Absolutely tremendous! I will avoid talking about it to prevent any potential spoilers!

        Would reccomend Douglas Adam’s books if you enjoy the series (the original creator of Dirk Gently, although not this show)


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