Day 2.66

Tasting: chips with curry and peas
Seeing: green lights
Hearing: live music of several genres, a grand piano in an empty church
Smelling: you know how the streets of Cork smell?
Feeling: sore legs, heavy bag

I sort of forgot that St Patrick’s day is often celebrated with like, a parade and public festivities in city centre so I got to the gym and the practice room a little late, causing me to miss it. But it turned out alright because after I’d finished pumping iron and tickling ivories, I got in touch with my USAC pals and met them in an American-style diner.

We wandered around for a while in search of live music. First was jazz across the street from the bistro; the bar it was in was too crowded to comfortably hang around in but they opened the windows and one could listen on the street. Even better was that the keyboardist was right next to the window!

Next we squeezed our way into a bar/club where my friend Lillie works, and stayed there for a while watching a sort of trad-rock band called Kesh. They played a few popular tunes, and I was thrilled when they played “South Australia” (which I knew from the Pogues) and the popular American song “Wagon Wheel.” They even played “Mr Brightside,” a song that holds a few bad memories for me, but I decided right then that I could now make some good memories with it so I danced and sang along.

Erin was craving dessert so we stopped by an ice cream place, then to one of my favorite places where we watched a band I could describe as funk-reggae-folk. They had both a banjo and a bongo player along with the typical guitars and drums, if that gives you an idea of what they’re like.

My group was ready to go back to the trad-rock bar from earlier, but I knew that my sick self needed an early bedtime, some chips, and to watch The Young Offenders which came out on Netflix recently. Okay, the latter two probably weren’t as necessary. But I was determined to get my curry, peas, and chips, as months ago I had ordered just that and got cheese instead of peas. It was still delicious, but redemption was waiting. And The Young Offenders is a Cork movie, so if I was going to do another Irish thing that day it’d better be that, I suppose. I did a bit of drawing and passed out.


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