Day 2.67

Tasting: brownie dipped in decaf coffee
Feeling: very tired, stretching muscles, sore knees
Seeing: my notes, green lights on campus, new Pokémon
Smelling: Nutella (on a canvas)
Hearing: The Age of the Understatement

Much of my morning was spent writing for my friend’s new website, A Lifetime of Chicken Rolls, a new student restaurant and food review site for Cork. I did most of this while lying on my front on a yoga mat in my kitchen, which is a welcome change from sitting at a desk.

Very few people were at training later that day, but I knew I wanted to go despite how tired and sore I was. Since there was only one other épéeist there I decided to do some foil that day, which was actually pretty fun. I got a bit on an abrasion on my leg from foil, ironically.

On my way back I made the mistake of trying to walk through campus in hope of shortening my route, but instead got stuck in there for a bit because most of the gates were locked. At least I caught some new Pokémon on Go.

After dinner, I thought I would do some more drawing that day but ended up watching more Dirk Gently’s and passing out. I really need to stop using screens so much before bed, but I really wanted to finish an entire episode in one sitting for once.


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