Day 2.68

Seeing: the sun reflect off the turquoise water
Tasting: poached egg and vegetables
Smelling: really good Badger & Dodo coffee, the ocean
Feeling: sea spray, sea glass in my hand
Hearing: the train creaking

Today was a day of good timing. As soon as I woke up (almost 8 a.m.), Lillie texted me because she had only just gotten off work. So I got up, showered, and as soon as I was out Lillie was at the gate. So I let her nap in my bed while I wrote and drew, and I guess it was a good way to get me out of bed. We were supposed to go to Cobh with a friend that day, so it made the journey more efficient too.

We met our friend in city centre and caught the noon train, then went straight into the Yellow Door Café for brunch. Even if my sense of smell was somewhat dulled, I could appreciate the coffee like always. We visited the cathedral briefly, then had a walk up and down the water. Gill actually wore her swimsuit under her clothes and went for a swim while Lillie and I watched over her and her stuff. Lillie even found several large pieces of sea glass for me! She said Ireland is the best for sea glass because “they all go gattin’ on the beach.”

After arriving back at mine, I did some grocery shopping so I could make myself a halfway proper dinner. And now I’m lying in bed hoping I can get some studying and drawing done before I sleep.


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