Sweet Review #22: Ben & Jerry’s Topped Salted Caramel Brownie

After the revelation of an ice cream that was Strawberry Swirled, my next two B&J flavors were far less fruity, equally as pastry-y (just pastry?), and much more caramel-y. Man, that opening sentence was a shame for someone who is usually decent at finding the adjectival forms of words. Moving on! My choices were between caramel cookie dough and salted caramel brownie. Thinking that brownies would be the better choice this time of the month, I opted for the latter.

that’s the spoonable topping. i think what they mean by “spoonable” is that you’re going to fall in love with it and wish you could spoon it in bed, until you realize that it melts all over your sheets and you’re left with another one getting away.

If you read my previous B&J review, you know that the Strawberry Swirled was rather slow to defrost and the topping never fully achieved the “spoonability” advertised on the carton. This one has neither of those problems. The topping is practically melting upon removal from the fridge, and while giving it some time to temper certainly helps scooping, it’s not very necessary. I hypothesize that this is due to two factors:

  1. Water content, because the Salted Caramel Brownie has less water than the Strawberry, which makes it icier. A problem I always have at home when I try to make fruit ice cream is that the berries just have so much water.
  2. Sugar content. The Salted Caramel is probably more sugary; it certainly tastes like it. Once ice cream (or any solution) becomes supersaturated with sugar, it won’t freeze completely.

The fact that this is a pale vanilla ice cream means that you can easily see the #chunks and #swirls in the ice cream. There’s plenty of the signature brownie chunks and caramel oozing throughout the carton, as well as a few of the chocolatey chunks that are on top.


An odd things about the topping is that it tastes distinctly like Nutella, yet it isn’t advertised with any mention of hazelnut except for in the ingredients list. That’s hardly a complaint, though.

My only two real complaints with this are about two very simple flavors: sweet and salty. I didn’t get much of the salted flavor, and the whole thing is just too sweet. Eating this ice cream isn’t like eating an actual salted caramel brownie with cream, and if the vanilla ice cream were just a little less sweet it might be closer to that. Otherwise, I don’t end up tasting that much brownie or chocolate.

Still, the fact that it’s quicker to defrost optimizes its “eat right out of the carton-ability” which is the whole point of buying a topped ice cream. I promise I’m usually better at adjectives. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t promise that.


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