Day 2.70

Day 2.69 has been skipped because nothing much happened, definitely not because I’m trying to avoid all the 69 jokes.

Seeing: cloudy grey drizzling sky
Smelling: eggs frying
Hearing: AM
Tasting: dark chocolate
Feeling: a surprisingly high amount of energy

I made sure to have a big breakfast since I would have a long and busy day ahead of me, and frankly I’m tired of of getting hungry by mid-morning. Indeed it carried me through my two Celtic Languages lectures and I started getting a little nervous about being ready for the in-class exam, but a little time in the library made me feel better.

I cleaned my room and to my amazement, I wasn’t too exhausted to go to History. As soon as I got back from it though, I was planning on chilling out and maybe doing some studying for the rest of the night. Instead, I saw that there was a speaker event about food entrepreneurship and there would be free donuts, so I asked Evan to come along and it was actually a very interesting and good time.

Then, I thought I could chill out, right? But instead Lillie was stuck on campus with nothing to do before she began work at 11, so I went over to the library and we made reservations for an apartment in Edinburgh. And then she wanted me to come with her to the Fish Wife for her pre-work dinner, and even though I wasn’t really hungry I couldn’t refuse.

It’s been a long day, but it’s been alright. I’m ready for it to end, though.


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