Day 2.71

Smelling: very dark coffee
Hearing: a very upbeat and kind of cheesy pop playlist, wind and rain outside
Feeling: tired, sore hand, flakniess of an almond croissant
Seeing: setting sun making cool shapes on the wall
Tasting: very sweet ice cream

It was a long day. After breakfast, I went to Hassett’s to work on an internship application because I’d just gotten turned down by my top choice the previous day. I’m happy that I got that out of the way, though. I had an almond croissant which was probably way more food than I desired at the moment but I hadn’t had an almond croissant since coming to Ireland, and if you lived abroad in Europe and didn’t even eat an almond croissant than what are you doing? It was snowing and cold and miserable when I woke up, too, so it felt like I had the café and the streets to myself.

I’m pretty proud of how things went that day, to be honest. Even though I didn’t want to go to any lectures, I did, and even though I didn’t want to study or draw afterwards, I did. I even treated myself to an obscene amount of ice cream (because apparently I’m really going for thrombosis today) and finished Dirk Gently’s and felt fine and went to bed at a reasonable hour. I really do need to form some sort of plan for my London trip and at least buy one theatre ticket.


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