Day 2.74

Tasting: Mauritian sea bream bao
Hearing: an odd variety of songs in the Dublin Castle
Smelling: deep fryer, raw cheese being melted
Seeing: Anywhen (an exhibit in the Tate Modern), the thatched roof of the Globe
Feeling: sleepy, sore eyes, dehydrated, sunshine

First order of the day was to get to Kappacasein to eat their famous toasted cheese sandwich for brunch, but I discovered so much more at the market. After devouring the strong, buttery sandwich I went off to a smoothie stand to get a green smoothie for veggie balance but more importantly, a water because I felt as dry as the desert and couldn’t fill up my bottle in the hostel bathroom.

After some wandering around the market and wishing I could eat everything, I made my way towards Shakespeare’s Globe to go on a tour. The sort of things the guide talked about on the tour weren’t really anything I didn’t know, but I was thrilled to be inside. Of course I’d have liked to see a show but all tickets were sold out. I did, however, get to see the cast of The Taming of the Shrew do their dance call and that was exciting! While the Globe does try to stick to Victorian traditions, they do modern play adaptations for schools, and the Taming show was set in a Mafia-wedding kind of situation. There was a portrait of John Gotti as part of the set and any time a character would gesture to it, the Godfather theme would play. But the kids seeing the show are probably too young to know it.

I went to the Tate next, where I had coffee and lunch before taking a leisurely look at the free exhibits. The huge one in the Turbine Room was a slanted carpeted floor where one could look up at various lights and shadows. There was some very cool political as well as performative and semi-performative art.

IMG_2521.JPGI was tired and not sure what I was gonna be doing that night, so I went back to the hostel to write and study. Corrina messaged me that she and her friends were going to the Dublin Castle (the bar, not the actual Dublin Castle) in Camden town that night, and that was a great time. I asked the two Londoners where I sounded like I was from judging by my accent because I’m always curious to know if it’s just Americans who are confused about my nationality. They said “sorta Irish until you said “eyah-ccent.”

There was some difficulty getting back to my place since not all tubes run 24 hours– why is it so hard to get a cab or something late at night?! But Corrina’s boyfriend’s friend Jack was very helpful in making sure I got back alright. I think I fell asleep around 5am.


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