Day 2.76

Tasting: salted caramel and banana
Feeling: exhausted and weak
Smelling: the familiar mustiness of my apartment
Seeing: a suburban and unfamiliar part of Cork
Hearing: the return of Irish accents

Since the nearby bakery had closed early for Mothers’ Day the previous night, I knew my only opportunity left to get a vegan, gluten-free freakshake was this morning. I got a banana+salted caramel one and it was delicious and kept me full and happy the whole morning. While packing up, I talked to some of my hostel mates and learned that they are from Brazil (I can’t easily tell the difference between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese). They’re in a post-grad program in Dublin for learning English.

I left the hostel at a leisurely pace, taking the underground to Paddington and the Heathrow Express to the airport. Even at peak hours, it wasn’t too chaotic getting to my gate.

I wish I’d kept up with the Bus Eireann strike so I’d have known that it was carrying through Monday. I waited a few minutes before realizing that I needed to get a taxi, and spent more time that necessary looking for an ATM.

When I returned to my apartment I was feeling rather tired and weak in my gut, but I somehow managed to convince myself to go to fencing that night with the compromise that I would leave early in order to get enough sleep and study time for my test the following morning. Like it usually does, fencing did make me feel better.

So here’s my takeaways from my weekend in London:

  • Even though there are people from all over the world here, London isn’t as touristy as I expected it to be. Maybe this is because it’s such a big city, so there’s not just one space for all the tourist trap stuff to congregate, unlike le Grand Place in Brussels for example.
  • The food is everywhere and there’s some great stuff. Have I mentioned the street food yet? Because that stuff is dope.
  • There’s always some good theatre going on that I don’t know about until it’s too late.
  • Londoners’ verbal vulgarity is more sexual, while Irishmen’s (or maybe just Corkonians’) is more anger and “fuck.”
  • Overpoliteness is contagious.
  • I don’t have to look at every single thing I pass while in a museum in order to enjoy it, especially if admission is free.
  • You pay the difference between a hostel, and a private room in a hotel, with hours of sleep.
  • I like how Londoners dress. I felt very at-home there.
  • Just because I hate wasting food doesn’t mean I should eat my buddies’ leftover fried chicken.
  • Although this trip underwent some last-minute changes, it turned out to be some enjoyable alone time.

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