Day 2.81

First off– I know that I haven’t been updating this blog for a few days. I know, a few days! That’s like forever for this blog. I’ve just not been keeping up with hardly anything– this blog, tracking my expenses, reading the news, research and studying (since I just had an in-class assessment), working out, sleeping. Travel throws things off and two travel weekends in a row, even more. Maybe it’s good to have a break from routine, but I do like some semblance of one. Anyway, I’m going to enjoy Edinburgh to the fullest and then back to our regularly scheduled programming for a while! (Because I’m sure that’s why you read this blog– to hear about what I do on a daily basis. Not my exciting weekend trips.)

Tasting: a beet falafel burger
Smelling: the yeastiness of Vegemite
Seeing: a castle overlooking the city
Feeling: small hamster, comfy feather bed
Hearing: the new Shins album, excited American students behind me

I got into Edinburgh around 7, and the bus took me to city center soon after. Getting to the apartment wasn’t too hard either. It’s on a cute, quiet side street and my place was at the very top.  But before I could go out and really see the city I had to take a bit of a nap.

I met one of my Airbnb hosts Ian; his girlfriend Freya was out of town for the weekend. He’s a Brisbanian who’s been living in Edinburgh for three years and works as a barista. This is my first time staying in an Airbnb with the hosts, and our both of them (even if only one is in town) are very open and friendly and sharing.

Corrina’s boyfriend’s cousin Delphi from Manchester goes to the University of Edinburgh, so they put us in contact with each other and we met up for tea. The tea was hardly enough to wake me up, but walking outside in the sun and fresh windy air helped. She took me around campus and we ran into plenty of people she knew. I walked back to mine, and soon after got a text from Delphi’s friend Marley (another America studying abroad) saying that she and some friends were going to see Get Out at a nearby cinema. The neighborhood I’m staying in is a major cinema district, so there’s no shortage of films to watch. And Get Out was absolutely flawless.

When I came back, Ian and his friend Allistair were listening to records– first ELO, then we switched to the new Shins album which was pretty stellar. We went out for food to a place called Bread Meats Bread– as you might be able to guess, it’s a burger place. Alli and Ian were in bits over the fact that they were taking an appropriately abbreviated “vego”/”pesco” to Bread Meats Bread, but Ian confirmed that the three veggie options there were all adored by Freya. It was indeed fantastic, as were the sweet potato chips which I joked about being able to finish myself and actually ended up doing.


Apparently the place is a franchise from Glasglow, but I thought it was local because it was right near Bread Street. The two were surprised at my knowledge of the place given I’d been there 12 hours. They were also amused about how I spent my day liked an Edinburger, but I mean, that’s why we stay in Airbnb right?


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