Day 2.82

Smelling: a great americano
Feeling: spilled beet juice on my face
Hearing: the FaceTime ringtone
Seeing: many many children in the National Museum, lights in the floor
Tasting: a veggie pie

I woke up to having just missed a call from Lillie saying that she’d arrived in EDI and was about to take the bus, so I shimmied over to where I disembarked yesterday and waited. I kept waiting for a while, with a new bus arriving every eight minutes, but didn’t see Lillie. I went into a Sainsbury to get a juice and some nut butter packets and hair wax. I drank the juice and waited. I got a few calls from Lillie but none of them successfully connected, and the texts wouldn’t send. I realized that the messages that were getting through were happening when my phone was reconnecting to the bus wi-fi, and saw that Lillie had already made it to the apartment. Whoops. Well, that was a nice morning walk anyway.

We went to Ian’s workplace, Castello Coffee, where I got the best americano I’ve gotten in a while and a banana-Nutella-filled croissant. What can I say, croissants are a good vacation breakfast since I like to get breakfast out when traveling but also require some toast or something as soon as I get up. We planned out our day there and were warned of rain later on.

Me with our hosts’ Russian dwarf hamster, Nina

On the way back to our apartment we went through gardens and looked into a church where we thought we might look inside, but the chapel was closed off for orchestra rehearsal. However, a very friendly gentleman who worked there gave us a decent map and his telling of the history of how Edinburgh was constructed. In the end it was a good idea to have a map on which to plot out points; I’m too used to just glancing at Google Maps on my phone.

We’d planned to go to the National Museum of Scotland since it was indoors, then spent a little bit of time looking around at the animals exhibit and then the one on the Kingdom of the Scots. We noted many similarities between Irish and Scottish design, and painted ceilings were much more of a thing than I thought they were.

haggis spring roll, an authentic scottish dish


We kept making references to going on a hike up Calton Hill or visiting the castle or something, but decided that taking a nap was a better idea so that we could go out that night. I admit that snatches of Get Out were still haunting me and making it a wee bit difficult to actually sleep. Lil had never had sushi, yet with several Japanese places in town we failed to actually get to one. No bother though, we found a Chinese buffet that had sushi (because of course it did) so I picked out some safe stuff like cucumber rolls for her. It received enough approval, but these buffets tend to be kind of a waste of money.

Feeling too tired to actually go out and enjoy the nightlife, we curled up in bed with my laptop and watched Whiplash for the first time. Guess my streak of emotionally-distressing movies wasn’t about to end! But Sunday was still waiting and could be a big day.


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