Day 2.83

Seeing: the city from above on the castle, peeling paint on walls
Smelling: a burrito place
Hearing: some cool jazzy noisey music
Feeling: sore left ankle, sunshine alternated with breeze
Tasting: the spiciest curry I’ve had in a while, a deep-fried Mars bar

I actually got myself up early enough to shower and be ready to go out by mid-morning– accomplishments! Ian was out all night at a birthday party/networking event for beer and coffee people and came back to the apartment before Lil was awake. Lillie and I went to Brew Lab, a specialty coffee place that received Ian’s and Freya’s recommendation. It had great vibes, with a playlist we loved, delicious coffee and foods, and comfortable seating. Most people there were working on their laptops or writing or reading– the things I like to do in coffeeshops. It’s the kind of place I think I would frequent if I lived nearby.

We then journeyed on to the castle. It’s a good thing that we didn’t try to do it in the late afternoon yesterday because we ended up spending about three hours there. The castle is beautiful itself, but it’s essentially a collection of museums on various parts of the Scottish military. There are so many weapons, especially swords, which Lillie and I adored. Lillie is very easily distracted by shiny things, so she was hopping from one thing to another.

We found this place I was looking for, the Baked Potato Shop. It’s exactly what it sounds like– you buy a baked potato and choose vegetarian fillings to stuff inside. I got a curried rice-filled potato and Lillie got coleslaw. She talked about how this is the longest she’s gone without potatoes– this was only our second day in Scotland. We sat in Prince’s Street Park and ate them, which would be maybe a little nicer if between the temperature heat of the potato and the spice heat of the curry, I could actually taste what I ate. My stomach still felt like it was on fire afterwards.

We walked back to our place to get ourselves changed for our walk on Calton Hill. I’d worn boots that day that I’d had for a few years and whose soles were, no pun intended, on their last legs. What am I saying, they were off their last legs. The heels are unevenly worn-down, something that happened quite soon after I began wearing them since I rocked back on my heels a lot. The soles are now quite slick, but they click when I walk and G-d do I love that. However, under the ball of my right foot the sole’s completely cracked so it’s a good thing it didn’t rain that day.

The vegetarian restaurant that my hosts heartily recommended, Paradise Palms, turned out to be booked up for food. I wonder what kept them so occupied on a Sunday night. So Lillie and I found a burrito place and both got a couple of vegetarian tacos. It was her first taco! First tacos, first sushi… if she ever comes to DC I’ll have to take her to Buredo.

We went to the Jazz Bar, where two Bristolian bands were on that night. The first one was just a saxophonist and a drummer, and they were both so good individually and together. The one after it was a band of a drummer, bassist, guitarist, and alto saxophonist, and I’m having a difficult time describing their music because each song seemed to go from power-pop to moody synth and back again. The saxophonist introduced the band at the beginning with “It’s quite silly music, so feel free to laugh out loud.”

After that, Lil and I reasoned that we should head to sleep so we could get up at 5 the next morning. Ugh. Still, getting packed was easy enough. Getting up would be another story.


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