Day 2.84

Seeing: the sun on the tarmac
Smelling: petrol, raspberry-flavored water
Tasting: plain porridge, coconut almond butter, dark hot chocolate with nutmeg
Hearing: Helplessness Blues
Feeling: left ankle still sore

Lillie cleverly set three alarms– one ten minutes before our wakeup time and one ten minutes after– so that was probably useful in getting us out on time. We got through security with barely a hitch and stopped for breakfast in a bar fittingly called Fringe. I had porridge for breakfast since my stomach probably needed a break from the croissants I had been giving it the past couple of days, and since it’s such a staple in my diet it seems like something I should try in Scotland.

Lil and I sat separately from each other, both in emergency exit areas which is nice for extra legroom but I don’t love having to stow my hand luggage in the overhead compartment. I mostly just passed out, and was woken up by the landing.

We took a little while to snack and chill before boarding the Aircoach, where I did some blogging and some napping. I listened to Fleet Foxes’ Helplessness Blues several times because I kept dozing off and missing tracks. The sound of it is so comforting and relaxing, so maybe that’s why. Lillie’s mom kindly gave me a lift home. I really wanted to just crawl under my covers and veg out until training, but I had agreed to meet a friend for hot chocolate at O’Conaill’s. I’m glad I went, though.

Training ended up feeling good that night, too. We worked a lot on distance-keeping, which could be kind of monotonous but gave me a chance to focus on footwork. Since I didn’t really have the time, materials, or stomach for a proper dinner, I made pancakes. I munched on a few and saved the rest for breakfast tomorrow.

I really loved Edinburgh. I was ready to go back to Cork when I did, but I really wanted to spend more time in Edinburgh. I guess that’s how you know you chose a good city to visit. It’s also just my favorite type of travel– getting to experience a slice of life in another place. I can see why so many Corkonians end up there!


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