Day 2.85

Seeing: buds on the trees, the beginning of a Voltron episode
Smelling: coconut milk in my coffee
Hearing: a great playlist in the Oval Bar, my parents’ voices
Feeling: a warm shower on my cold skin
Tasting: iced latte with actual milk

It was my first day back at lectures, and in Celtic Languages we went over our in-class assessments. Everyone passed with decent marks, myself included, but the overarching problem was that we generally didn’t provide enough details. I’m really glad we went over that, because now I can go from big-picture mode into details mode– totally my element. Another fortunate part of today was that I both intentionally and unintentionally skipped my food quality lectures last week, and apparently most everyone else in the class did too. So Prof Crowley gave us a quick repetition of what we did last week.

On my 2-hr break between classes I went to get pasta for late-lunch and had the restaurant to myself, so I read for my history paper which is due sooner than I care to think about. I stopped by the English Market to buy a loaf of bread which ended up being a lot fluffier and chewier than I expected, so it’ll be perfect for French toast.

In typical Tuesday fashion I was too tired to do anything after classes, but I did neaten up my room and do laundry, and later that night went out for drinks with Evan. We ended up spending 4 hours out, but that’s how it goes when you get lost in conversation with a good friend.


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