Day 2.86

Feeling: warm cozy feet in wool socks
Tasting: toffee-coffee white chocolate donut
Smelling: steamed milk
Seeing: the view of the hills from Sunday’s Well
Hearing: Joel’s voice on the phone

My calendar today completely filled up the morning with “Gym?” “Apply for internships” “research” before going to my two lectures while in reality it turned out like “lie in bed an extra hour” “gym” “???” “Get distracted and miss your last food quality lecture forever” “research”. And I also made some pretty killer French toast.

But I did get to my last jazz rehearsal, motivating myself to go by hanging out in Oh My Donut and reading history papers there. Jazz itself wasn’t too bad, despite not having practiced in too long. I mean my improv was shit, but I’ll get there.

I spent the whole evening lazing around in bed watching Voltron and being semi-productive. I think I really needed a night like that.


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