Day 2.91

Oops, I fell off the blog again. This time it was for essay-writing purposes. I was maybe still in denial about the closeness of the deadline, and maybe it didn’t register that I would lose two days before the deadline since I would be meeting my family in Dublin on Monday to start our little tour of the country. But with determination, focus,  enough self-care, and ignoring many of my responsibilities, I turned it in this Monday morning.

The apartment was empty by the weekend due to Erin being back in the States, Julia visiting Edinburgh, and Faustine being… somewhere, probably? Saturday I finally tried the French toast at Ali’s Kitchen, then spent a few hours in the library working on the essay. I did go to training but left before 7. Even if it does take time out of other things, fencing generally improves life for me. Sunday I spent a couple hours in Alchemy with an Americano and a scone (gotta get the chametz fix before Pesach starts) and got over halfway through, then after roasting myself some lunch and dinner for that night I went to the library again until my word count was complete by my standards, anyway.

I’m still tired and sore and stiff, and I only want to practice yoga and lie down and watch Voltron and abandon my corporeal form. The twitch in my right eye hasn’t gone away quite yet. I drank a hot chocolate while writing this to use up the coconut milk in the fridge, and now it’s time to actually pack my suitcase and head out the door. I’m a little excited now, actually. Can’t wait to show you the parts of this country that I’ve yet to see.

Update: after finally getting out the door and to my bus stop, I got a text from my mom saying that I should indeed bring my passport since we’d be visiting Northern Ireland. So I took a taxi back to my place, got my passport and ate my salad while watching some Voltron, and headed back out.

I found the apartment my family was staying in and we immediately went out to dinner. The restaurant was the Boxty House, where my dad ate when he visited Ireland in the 90’s! I had my first boxty, colcannon, and we ordered some cauliflower cheese croquettes with hummus for good measure. My dad was still so surprised about how international Dublin had become, noting the multitude of accents he heard on the street. We walked for a bit before heading to sleep, since we had a very early morning planned tomorrow.


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