Day 2.92

Seeing: a castle on the side of a cliff, gorse flowers
Feeling: a gust of wind rocking the rope bridge I’m walking on, constantly hungry
Smelling: fertilizer
Hearing: the induction stove buzzing as it heats up
Tasting: my first bibimbap

Another short night of sleep– an early morning after a late night. Our bus left at 6:45 and we had a 17-minute walk to get there, and of course we were 4 minutes late and the bus started to leave right as it came into view. My dad went to chase it down and it waited for us a block away. The guide and the bus driver were chill about it, of course!

The first part of our journey took about two hours, then we picked up a few more guests in Belfast. We had 45 minutes to wander around, so my fam and I went to Marks & Spencers food hall and stocked up (way up) on snacks and lunch. Since my mom’s suitcase hadn’t been delivered and it was the one with all our matzah, everyone had taken a slightly different approach to how we’d be keeping kosher for Pesach. My dad got some flatbread since it’s unleavened (even if it is made from wheat) my mom basically said “feck it” and bought a baguette, and my brother and I stuck with rice from sushi for our starch. Kitniyot krew for life.

Our tour guide Tara was awesome. You know how some tour guides are really annoying, trying to really nail in some jokes? She wasn’t. She didn’t give a heck. As we were about to cross into NI she said that we’d have to have our passports out for inspection and my gullible ass believed her. After all, I did miss a bus so I could go get mine! She was just messing with us, though– NI is still technically in the EU. A lot of her spiel was “Ireland 101,” but lots of stuff about the Troubles I didn’t know about.

Our first stop was the Dark Hedges, a short road lined with serpentine beeches that was used for shooting Game of Thrones. Lots of stops focused on GoT shooting sites, which I half-appreciated because I only watched the first season. Second was Dunluce Castle, which clings to the side of a cliff.

We then went to Giant’s Causeway, the main goal of our trip. Honestly it was a whole lot smaller than my dad and I thought it would be, but the black hexagonal rocks are still impressive. There were a ton of other tourists there, but we arrived before the main rush so it felt slightly safer than it might have been if we arrived half an hour later.

On the way back, we stopped into a town with caves that I can’t remember the name of, where there was a goat wearing a coat. In our stopover in Belfast, we walked to the Peace Wall as my mom was somewhat disappointed in the lack of visible political art. Most of it’s outside the city center, though.

Once we got back into Dublin we went into a Korean restaurant on the walk back. It was mostly my choice; I really wanted a hearty veggie meal that was kosher for Pesach and I missed Korean food. Actually, one of my only options was a vegetarian bibimbap, but that was a great choice. Not eating grains leaves me so unsatisfied, but rice will do for now.


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