Day 2.93

Smelling: a pub
Seeing: the Burren from the road
Hearing: a very polite navigation system
Feeling: a sharp stomachache
Tasting: matzah, potatoes

I was allowed to sleep in a little later than the day previous, but we still had to check out by ten. I was initially a little worried that since the drive would take about three hours and we wouldn’t be able to check in until three, we’d be way too early. But there was plenty to hold us up.

First, we had to take the bus (which is thankfully not a part of Bus Eireann but takes Leap cards) to the airport, both for car rental and to pick up the suitcase that American had failed to deliver on the first day we arrived. Waiting for the bag took long enough, and there was of course some confusion with the car rental. And once we got our car, my dad realized that the GPS he thought he’d used in Europe actually didn’t have Ireland available. And my mom was not happy with the seats. So we got a different car, an SUV. And that took another round of paperwork.

I tried to stay asleep in the car– not because I was particularly tired, but the drive was just so winding and uncomfortable, as Irish roads are. We stopped in Kinvarra to get groceries and kept on towards our house. It’s on a peninsula right hecking next to a castle! Also, a very friendly dog that lives next door came up to us and even went into our house when we opened the door. As adorable as she was, we had to coax her out.

Later we went to a pub for dinner, and managed to get a Kosher for Pesach dinner at a pub in the Burren, excluding the bread they serve with the soup. My stomachache was pretty much gone by this point. I was ready to go to bed, but there was one more necessary step: push my two smaller beds into one large bed. Then I passed out.


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